Your concert made me think that you write the kind of song that should have always been there.
- Peter Alway

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My Love Was Like the Moon
by Blake Hodgetts
(as performed by Vixy & Tony)

      Vocal: Michelle Dockrey
      Guitars: Tony Fabris

And my love was like the moon
When my world was dark he lit the starless skies
And my hopes for what I'd be
While his faith still lived in me
Shone reflected in his eyes

And my love was like the moon
And the phases of his mood would wax and wane
And he had his darker side
And he chose what he would hide
And concealed his deepest pain

He was like the speed of light
Always sure when he was right
And I knew he'd never change
He was like the value pi
Though predictions I might try
Still his code was always strange

And my love was like the sun
And he always kept me warm when day was through
Burning with his fusion's fire,
Blending passion with desire,
Making one soul out of two

And my love was like the sun
Though he's gone his blazing image fills my sight
Dazzled still, and left behind
I am groping as though blind
And can scarce tell dark from light

Like a pitch too high to hear
He enhanced what he was near
Everything seemed sharp and bright
Like the golden section, phi,
His proportions could not lie,
every part of him was right

And my love was like the sea
I was rocked to peaceful sleep upon his waves
And he brought before my eyes,
As a diver brings his prize,
many gifts my heart still craves

And my love was like the sea
And his depths held secrets I could never know
Needs unfathomably deep
Longings that I could not keep
And I had to let him go

And my love was like the moon
And my love was like the moon...