The concert was wonderful. I was moved to tears by the harmonies in at least 3 songs and there were more that gave me chills and shivers.
- Kat_Merle

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by Michelle Dockrey & Tony Fabris

      Vocal: Michelle Dockrey
      Backing Vocals: Jodi Krangle, Michelle Dockrey
      Guitars and Bass: Tony Fabris
      Cellos: Betsy Tinney
      Violin: Sunnie Larsen
      Drums: Brian Richardson

You made a sensation
With your mad invitation
And a grin that I thought was meant for me

It shouldn't have shocked me
The way you unlocked me
Too late to run when I gave you the key

But I can't go on racin'
Just to keep the same place, and
Your glass shows you things I'll never be

So the cat's got your tongue now
You're up for some fun now
You still think that you can have your tea and more

Shoulda known
You're trouble
Shoulda known
You're trouble

You remember you know me
You forget what you owe me
Still hiding behind your garden wall

I face my reflection
My body's defection
I still want to come when I hear your call

Ah but that way's been taken
I've eaten my cake and
Already been broken by that fall

I'm done and I'm walking
But you, you're still talking
You think that I haven't heard it all before

Shoulda known
You're trouble
Shoulda known
You're trouble
Never know the time that I wasted
On treats I should never have tasted
You're sweeter than jam tomorrow
But you're never here today

I struggled to master
Every teacup disaster
There was always another storm to brew

How I followed you down, dear
Now you come back around, dear
And there's no path that leads away from you

Don't think I can't hear you
When you talk through the mirror
And the twisting that you believe is true

But you know your part now
I've played my last heart now
Just one sip and I'm right back through your door

Shoulda known
You're trouble
Shoulda known
You're trouble