The production of the whole [We Are Who We Are] album is very strong, it sounds beautiful all the way through. As usual, Tony's guitar work has that subtle complexity I've always enjoyed. Vixy is just amazing, I can't get over how powerful and expressive her voice is. And as good as synth patches are these days, there is nothing quite like the sound of real strings on a track. Sunnie and Betsy's musicianship adds so much to every song, and the mixing makes them shine. All of the guest musicians were great. Blake Hodgetts' piano just sparkles. Brian Richardson on drums and Chris Clark on bass were awesome.
- David Muzzy


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Vixy & Tony: We Are Who We Are (2016)

We Are Who We Are
Our second studio album features our wonderful string section, Betsy Tinney and Sunnie Larsen. The album is powerful, energetic, and emotional. It contains a rock 'n roll remake of Vixy's "The Girl That's Never Been", lush covers of two classic Pegasus-award-winning filk songs, "Dawson's Christian" and "Uplift", and our evocative geek anthem title track.
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Missing Part Lyrics + BtM
I Hope You Don't Mind Lyrics + BtM
Likho's Lullabye Lyrics + BtM
Eight-Legged Blues (Live) Lyrics + BtM
Dawson's Christian Lyrics + BtM
The Girl That's Never Been Lyrics + BtM
Anna Lyrics + BtM
We Are Who We Are Lyrics + BtM
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We Can Be Anything Lyrics + BtM
Just a Dream Lyrics + BtM
Trouble Lyrics + BtM
The River Lyrics + BtM

Vixy & Tony: No Hurry (2012)

No Hurry
Bandcamp NYP
(Name Your Price)

This toe-tapping post-apocalyptic sing-along originally appeared on Shadowbeast by Escape Key. We wanted to correct one of the lyrics, and couldn't resist giving this the full production treatment. This version features a string section by Betsy Tinney and Sunnie Larsen.
No Hurry (2012) Lyrics + BtM

Vixy & Tony: Thirteen (2008)

Nearly three years in the making, this album features lush production and many talented guest musicians. A wide variety of musical styles, ranging from quiet folk pieces, to Bo-Diddley-inspired rockabilly, to 70's power rock, give Vixy & Tony a chance to really show off their chops.
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Emerald Green Lyrics + BtM
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Various Artists: Done the Impossible (2006)

Done the Impossible
Collecting music from a wide range of great artists, this soundtrack for the DVD documentary contains two early versions of "Mal's Song", which would later appear in its full form on the album "Thirteen". These two tracks are the only ones on which Vixy & Tony appear, but the album is full of other great music, too, including our friends the Bedlam Bards.
Mal's Song (Live)
(performed by Escape Key)
Mal's Song (Instrumental)
(performed by Tony Fabris)

Escape Key: Shadowbeast (2001)

Vixy's first album features a Pegasus award-winning song and a toe-tapping post-apocalyptic sing-along. Clean, precise arrangements of guitar and flute, by her husband Matthew and friend Audrey, provide a perfect background for Vixy's smooth voice.

The physical CD is out of print, but the digital version is available on Bandcamp. The song "No Hurry" has been removed from this album and re-released as a Bandcamp single, in order to correct one of the lyrics.

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