Vixy is such a joy to watch in performance, not just because of her soaring, gorgeous voice, but because the love of what she's doing comes out in every expression and every movement. It's so lovely to watch. And Tony's guitar playing? Oh my.
- Allison Durno

Upcoming Shows
Sat, Dec 28, 2019 7:00pm
Wayward Coffeehouse Wayward Coffeehouse
Seattle, WA
Vixy & Tony can sometimes be found at events such as:
Late January Fri-Sun
Conflikt SeaTac, WA
Early March Fri-Sun
Consonance San Jose, CA
April Fri-Sun
Norwescon SeaTac, WA

How to be notified of upcoming Vixy & Tony appearances:

Booking Vixy & Tony:

If you have a venue that you think would be a good place for us to perform our music, or if you need to reach us for any reason at all, please contact us at

If you're contacting us about a possible booking, we've got a loose, informal, work-in-progress rider document available that you might want to skim. Just suggestions in there: Not mandatory.

Live recordings, photos, videos, parodies, and cover songs:

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