The production of the whole [We Are Who We Are] album is very strong, it sounds beautiful all the way through. As usual, Tony's guitar work has that subtle complexity I've always enjoyed. Vixy is just amazing, I can't get over how powerful and expressive her voice is. And as good as synth patches are these days, there is nothing quite like the sound of real strings on a track. Sunnie and Betsy's musicianship adds so much to every song, and the mixing makes them shine. All of the guest musicians were great. Blake Hodgetts' piano just sparkles. Brian Richardson on drums and Chris Clark on bass were awesome.
- David Muzzy

Hi! We're Vixy & Tony, a band from Seattle. We consist of Michelle "Vixy" Dockrey (vocals, percussion), Tony Fabris (guitar), Betsy Tinney (cello), and Sunnie Larsen (fiddle). We perform acoustic folk/rock/filk at SF/Fantasy conventions, filk conventions, and our friendly neighborhood coffeehouse. Here's where to find out all about us, including how to buy our albums, where to listen to our songs online, where to get our lyrics and stories about the songs, where we'll be next, and what else we're working on. Thanks for visiting!

  Wayward! Saturday, November 18, 2017    11:24 am
Coming up on Saturday, December 2nd, we are back with a holiday season concert at our favorite Browncoat gathering place, Wayward Coffeehouse! We'll have the whole band there to rock your stockings off!

The event starts around 6pm and the music will start some time after that. Bronwyn is planning a Firefly costume contest, a trivia quiz, and a raffle. Join us!
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  Wow! Thursday, October 26, 2017     8:12 pm
FenCon was amazing, and we played a bunch of concerts which made us very happy and very tired. Then we turned right around and went off to OVFF which was also amazing, and where, again, we played a bunch of concerts and were very happy and very tired. And then we won a Pegasus Award for We Are Who We Are! And Betsy, Sooj, and Cade won an award for Alligator in the House! Thanks so much, to all the filkers who nominated and voted in this year's awards! There were a lot of great songs and performers in the ballot this year, making choices very hard.

Next up, we're going to give Betsy's new album its sendoff, on Saturday, November 4th. The Kenmore Community Club that we all know and love will be the venue for the release party for Wyverns in the Winery! Also featured will be Vixy & Tony, Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff, and string trio improvisation by Betsy, Sunnie, and Geli. It will be a fantastic evening, and if her last release party is any indication, it'll sell out, so get your tickets now!

Then to finish off the year, we'll be back at Wayward Coffeehouse on Saturday, December 2nd, so come be warm and cozy with us!
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  Fall and winter shows! Tuesday, September 12, 2017     1:36 pm
Hey everyone!

We are currently rehearsing for our upcoming appearance at FenCon in Dallas, and having a ton of fun. We're planning a great concert with the four of us plus some guests, and also there will be solo concerts by Betsy and Sunnie. There are also other great musicians coming to FenCon, including our good friends Mary Crowell, Alexander James Adams, Leslie Hudson, and Scott Snyder. There is expected to be a significant amount of cross-pollination of musical acts, of course, so if you're at Fencon this year, you might get to see a supergroup or two. Or five. And oh yeah, there's an SF convention happening in there somewhere, too.

We are also all going to be at OVFF this year, where we will be the the backup band for 2017's Guest of Honor, Seanan McGuire!

And then we have new shows to announce coming up:

Saturday, November 4th, we will be playing in Kenmore at the CD release party for Betsy's new album, Wyverns in the Winery! We will also be joined by our wonderful friends Jeff and Maya Bohnhoff!

Saturday, December 2nd, we will be back at Wayward Coffeehouse!
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  Summertime! Thursday, July 27, 2017     5:48 pm
Outdoor Trek this weekend!

This coming Sunday, we're opening for Outdoor Trek! We'll be there on the evening of July 30th. Music at 6pm, Trek at 7pm. We'll have Sunnie with us! This year, the TOS episode being portrayed Shakespeare-in-the-park style will be "Day of the Dove".

Then in September, all four of us will jet down to be the Music Guests of Honor at FenCon in Dallas!, and there will be some other amazing musical friends in attendance too, hopefully there will be some band blending!
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  Norwescon! Saturday, April 8, 2017    10:16 am
Norwescon is less than a week away! We are playing a set there, at 4pm, Saturday, April 15th. This year, it's in a different place than usual. We're in Grand Ballroom 3 - big hall, big hall.

We'll be preceded by our pals the PDX Broadsides at 2pm and Celt Check at 3pm, so make sure to come early for all the awesomeness! And of course, there's everything else going on at Norwescon, so we'll see you around the con!

Coming up this summer, we're the Music Guests of Honor at FenCon 2017, Sep 22-24 in Dallas! All four of us will be there! This one's going to be super fun!
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  Winter fun! Tuesday, January 17, 2017    12:21 am
Conflikt is coming up in less than two weeks, and we're the Toastband! There will also be a lot of other awesome folk there, doing some amazing concerts. Don't miss it!

Oh! And our good friend Molly Lewis has been busy, releasing some fun Patreon videos, some of which we had a hand in making recently, shot in Betsy's cozy basement studio. Check them out! Here's one of them:

And of course, we're still pretty psyched about our still-new album, which people have been saying nice things about. By the way, if you bought the album online and have interesting things to say about it, it's super helpful to leave a review at the site you bought it from, if the mood strikes you.

Enjoy the winter weather, and remember to keep the spirit in your heart.

Upcoming, we can be found at:
Toastband at Conflikt 2017, Jan 27-29, 2017, Seattle
Concert at Norwescon, Apr 15, 2017, Sea-Tac
Music Guests of Honor at FenCon 2017, Sep 22-24, Dallas
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  Release Day! Thursday, November 3, 2016     9:13 pm
Where to pick up We Are Who We Are:

Directly from us, or from the filk dealers, at OVFF this weekend.
Directly from us at our Seattle release concert on December 16th.
Physical mail-order from CDBaby.
Digital from Bandcamp.
Digital from Amazon.
Digital from iTunes.

CDBaby will go through an initial period where they run out of physical copies, then we restock them, lather, rinse, repeat. Be patient if it gets back-ordered. Filk distributors, please contact us directly to arrange for us to stock you up.

Please let us know what you think! We'd love to hear what you have to say about the album. Perhaps we'll even quote you in the blurbs in the left column of the web page. Also make sure to check out the "Behind the Music" sections of our Music Page. Hit any BtM link on that page to get the behind the scenes details of the making of the song.

Here's where we can be found in the near and far future:
Wayward release concert, Dec 16th, 2016, Seattle
Toastband at Conflikt 2017, Jan 27-29, 2017, Seattle
Music Guests of Honor at FenCon 2017, Sep 22-24, Dallas
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  It's Done! Saturday, October 22, 2016     1:29 pm

Assuming all the magical CD shipment and digital distribution faeries get all their T's dotted, the release date for our second studio album, We Are Who We Are, will be Friday, November 4th, 2016! Not coincidentally, that also happens to be the first day of OVFF this year, where we are the Guests of Honor. We are planning to hold a small release party while we're there at OVFF (Friday night after the Pegasus concert). We hope that those of you coming to OVFF can make it. We're also doing a local Seattle release concert on December 16th.

When it's released on November 4th, these URLs will be the two main places you can buy it:

Physical copies on CDBaby:
Digital copies on Bandcamp:

(Remember, those links either won't work, or won't show you the album, until November 4th.)

Many other digital distribution sites will have it as well, including iTunes and Amazon. CDBaby might run out of physical copies at first, we'll restock them ASAP when they do, so place your order with them and be patient if it gets back-ordered. If you're a filk distributor, please contact us directly to arrange to get some copies for your stock.

Here's the track listing:

01. Burn It Down
02. Missing Part*
03. I Hope You Don't Mind
04. Likho's Lullabye
05. Eight-Legged Blues (Live)
06. Dawson's Christian*
07. The Girl That's Never Been
08. Anna
09. We Are Who We Are
10. Uplift*
11. We Can Be Anything
12. Just a Dream
13. Trouble
14. The River

* Dawson's Christian is written by Duane Elms, and we are using some of Jordin Kare's modified lyrics to it. Uplift is written by Andrew Eigel. Missing Part is written by Seanan McGuire.

And yes, that's a remake of "The Girl That's Never Been" you see there. Full-rock-band production. You'll love it.

As if that's not enough, we also would like to announce that we're going to be the Music Guests of Honor at FenCon 2017, September 22-24, in Dallas!

Other upcoming appearances are: GOHs at OVFF, November 4-6, 2016, Worthington, OH (as was mentioned above), Wayward release concert on December 16th, and Toastband at Conflikt 2017, Jan 27-29, 2017, Seattle, WA.

Are you excited? Because we sure are!

  More shows! Monday, July 4, 2016     5:45 pm
We've got a few shows coming up to tell you about!

We're opening for the one of the wonderful, delightful Outdoor Trek shows again this year. We'll be there on the evening of July 23rd. Music at 6pm, Trek at 7pm. We'll have Sunnie with us and it's going to be great, as always.

After that, it's another annual event: Music Under the Trees! Make sure to get your tickets early as this one is sure to sell out quick. This will be August 6th at 3pm, and it runs all afternoon and well into the evening. Come join us for a warm summer evening in the shade!

Then we'll be back at Wayward Coffeehouse for the annual Sereniversary party on Saturday, September 24th. We'll do a set of music at 7pm, and another one at 9pm, with a one-hour break in between for socializing and a Firefly trivia contest. Come join us for tasty food and drink and fun!

Then it's two cons: We are GOHs at OVFF and the Toastband at Conflikt coming up in November and January, respectively. You might not want to miss out on OVFF this year, since we might have a surprise or two up our sleeves.

Rock on!
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  Ad Victoriam! Thursday, February 18, 2016     9:04 pm
Hello from the sunny-but-cold Commonwealth, where we are the Featured Filkers at Boskone 2016! We have two concerts this weekend, a 1-hour set on Friday night, and a shorter set on Saturday night. We have only been here a few hours, and the staff at the Westin has been awesome to us more than once already.

It's my first time here, and I've already seen a few important landmarks from the air and from our hotel window, such as Bunker Hill, The Castle, The CIT, and Sanctuary Hills. (Seriously, though, from the air during the winter, this area looks quite post-apocalyptic.)

We're also really excited about how we're going to be the Guests of Honor at this year's Ohio Valley Filk Fest. We can't wait! And then we get to be the Toast Band at Conflikt 2017! Whoa!

Ad Victoriam!
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  2015 and 2016 shows! Friday, October 23, 2015    10:28 pm
Fall is upon us! And Doc and Marty finally arrived! But more importantly, something even more amazing arrived: Thanksgiving Versus Christmas, the album of the star-studded musical that Molly made! We're the house band and we're all over this thing, and it's downright hilarious. Grab it at Bandcamp:

We've got some shows coming up that we're excited about. They are:

Saturday, November 21st, 2015, we will be at Orycon 2015! We'll play on Saturday night with Betsy and Sunnie, and we'll be backing up Betsy and Kaede on Sunday afternoon. And our pals the PDX Broadsides will be there too, since they're the music GOHs this year!

Saturday, February 20th, 2016, we will be the Featured Filkers at Boskone 2016, where Vixy and I will try not to get snowed in. And also to have an awesome time! Our show will be some time on Saturday night, come warm up with us!

Saturday, November 5th, 2016, we are proud to announce that we're the Guests of Honor at OVFF 2016! We're super excited, and we'll be bringing Betsy and Sunnie out there with us! It's going to be an amazing weekend of awesome music!

See you all there!
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  Hugos and Wayward! Friday, September 4, 2015    12:13 am
Worldcon was amazing! The smoky skies in Spokane were appropriately post-apocalyptically epic, as were the history-making Hugo Awards. We played a really fun concert, despite the fact that I threw my back out during the afternoon sound check and was hobbling for the rest of the con. It's not quite "bleeding for my art", but it felt like it. We still had a blast and everything was awesome.

Vixy's husband's design for the 2015 Hugo Award bases had to be kept secret until the con, which was a hard thing to do, because we think they look amazing. Now that the con is over, you can see pictures which don't quite do these gorgeous bases justice. If you're interested in how the bases were made, Fishy, with the help of our beloved Kevin "K" Wiley, has made a really interesting video showing the bases, their design, and their construction, in detail.

[Invalid lj-embed id 25]
Video: Making the 2015 Hugo Award Base
(There's also a shorter montage video, without narration, set to Betsy's "Gentle Storm".)

Coming up, on Saturday, September 26th, we are back at our musical home, Wayward Coffeehouse for their 10th Sereniversary Party! Come join the celebration with us!

  Music under the trees! Friday, July 17, 2015     4:40 pm
We had so much fun last weekend with the PDX Broadsides! Thanks to everyone who came out to see us! We shall endeavour to do something similar some time soon. Maybe we come down to PDX or something, eh?

Next, up, this coming Sunday and the following Sunday, the afternoons of July 19th and July 26th, we are opening for the delightful Outdoor Trek again this year! They are a local troupe who, each summer, stages a TOS Trek episode, Shakespeare-in-the-park-style. They're wonderful and you should see them. And come a little early on one of the next two Sundays to catch our opening set!

Then, on Saturday, August 1st at 3pm, we're doing Music Under the Trees again this year! It's music and food all afternoon and evening, in the gorgeous tree-covered grotto in Betsy's back yard. Of course Sooj will be there, as will In Like a Lion as well as Kaede Tinney. It's going to be wonderful, so make sure to get your advance tickets soon because it will likely sell out this year as it has in the past.

After that, we'll be at Worldcon, where Vixy's husband Fishy will be supplying his custom-crafted bases for this year's Hugo Awards. Oh, and we're playing two concerts with Betsy there; time and date details still being worked out.

And to round out the summer, on Saturday, September 26th, we'll be back at Wayward for the 10th Sereniversary! Wow, Waward has been around for 10 years?! I suppose it's no coincidence that we've been playing there for 10 years too. Come join the festivities!

  Summertime! Friday, July 3, 2015     1:37 pm
Westercon is upon us! We're here in San Diego, where it's so humid that mushrooms are growing inside my guitar. Despite that, we're having a great time and everyone is being so nice to us. We just got done rehearsing for tonight's concert with Seanan McGuire and Steven Brust, and we're just getting ready to head over to hear Eben Brooks and Allison Lonsdale play.

Coming up next weekend, on Saturday Night, July 11th, we'll be returning to the wonderful wooden stage at Soulfood in Redmond, where we will be joined by the hilarious, talented, and adorable PDX Broadsides! We want all our Seattle-area fans to see them, since they haven't had a chance to play in our area very much. They're great, come join us!

July rolls on with even more stuff, including opening for the delightful Outdoor Trek a couple of times, and a house concert at Betsy's place coming up after that. Keep an eye on our schedule for all the updates!

  More misprinted CDs. Sorry! Wednesday, April 29, 2015     7:11 pm
A while ago, we got an email from a fan who'd bought one of our CDs at a show, took it home, unwrapped the factory-applied shrink-wrap, and played it, only to find a completely different band's music was stamped into it. The packaging was correct and the silkscreening atop the CD was correct, but the manufacturer stamped the wrong music on that copy. (Our CDs are manufactured, aka "stamped", not "burned" on a CD-R like many other short-run discs.)

We had hoped it was just a one-off fluke, but, a German Filk distributor just discovered three more with the same problem. Argh!

We'll be hand-testing all our CDs now before selling them, but please let us know if you happen to get one that's mis-stamped. For instance, some distributors might still have un-tested copies at this time. If you find a problem, drop us an email. At your option, we'll either ship you a correct copy, or, give you a Bandcamp download code, whichever you like.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!

  Norwescon! Thursday, April 2, 2015     9:27 pm
Norwescon has started! We will arrive tomorrow, but I hear that the place is already nuts, with the powers of GRRM drawing people there from far and wide.

We have two shows this year at Norwescon, both on Saturday night in Evergreen 1+2: We will be Molly Lewis' backup band again, at 9pm on Saturday. She's going to play a few numbers from last November's incredible Thanksgiving Versus Christmas musical, as well as some of her old favorites. Then at 10pm, we'll do our Vixy & Tony concert and bring the house down! Hopefully we won't bring it down too much, because open filk is in the same room right after. Both shows will feature Betsy and Sunnie, being the shiny awesomeness that you already know they are.

Also don't miss the Norwescon debut of the charming PDX Broadsides on Friday night at 9pm! Sunnie will be playing with them as well! Because we share.

And for those of you crazy people who are somehow missing Norwescon, there will be a livestream of all the concerts at Fan Supported TV! If you can't make it to the con, check out the stream! (Alternate link for stream here if the first link gives you any trouble.)

(Edit: Sorry that the livestream failed for everyone. The site that was hosting the video had a recurring problem, where the site would receive K's stream, but then refuse to let any of the logged-in users see the stream. Time to shop for a new stream host provider, eh? Hopefully K will get the archived videos posted to Fan Supported TV soon.)

Coming up, we will be among the guests of honor at Westercon in San Diego on the weekend of July 2-5 2015, and early next year, we'll be the featured filkers at Boskone in Boston, the weekend of February 19-21 2016. We're also planning to do some shows at Wayward this year, once we work out some dates.

Can't stop the signal!

  Word to your reindeer. Thursday, November 20, 2014     4:53 pm
Thanksgiving Vs. Christmas is now one for the history books. Amazing, incredible, fantastic night. It was so much fun, everyone involved was super professional and just nailed all of their parts. Molly wrote a dozen amazing, funny, sweet songs in such a short time, each one perfectly matching the artist who performed it. Josh and Joseph wrote and directed a hilarious script which kept us all in stitches. Then everyone learned their songs and their parts perfectly, in such a short time, with only just a couple of full run-throughs, and then it was time to take it to the stage. And it was just awesome. And I got to hang out with and be in the backing band for Kevin Murphy, someone who I've been a fan of for over 20 years. Kevin is a nice, funny, crazy man who brought the awesome: his number was just bonkers good. The night was perfect, beautiful, and surreal.

I'm especially glad there were two shows. During the second show, because I was more relaxed, I was able to get more swept up in the emotion of it all, and to enjoy and savor it. There were moments I got a little bit choked up, feeling so happy and proud to be a part of such a great group of performers.

Here's a few pics of the night, taken by Kristine 'GermanCityGirl' Hassell:

Cast photo, participants L to R:

Back row:
Sunnie Larsen, Fiddle, "Vixy & Tony".
Marian Call, performer, singer.
Josh Cagan, script writer, offstage effects and voices.
Seth Boyer, Guitarist for Marian, performer, singer.
Angela Webber, performer, singer, guitarist, "The Doubleclicks".
Aubrey Webber, performer, singer, cellist, "The Doubleclicks".
Sarah Shay, performer, singer, "The Mongrel Jews".
Kevin Murphy, performer, singer.
Tony Fabris, guitarist "Vixy & Tony".

Middle row, left side:
Betsy Tinney, cellist, "Vixy & Tony".
Michelle "Vixy" Dockrey, performer, singer, drummer, "Vixy & Tony".
Nicole Dieker, performer, singer, "Hello, the Future!".

Bottom row:
Joseph Scrimshaw, director, narrator.
Molly Lewis, performer, singer, ukulele, songwriter (all songs).
Kiri Callaghan, performer, singer.
Annie Hughes, performer, singer, harmonica, "The Mongrel Jews".
Brandi Murphy, backstage support.
Sara Scrimshaw, stage manager.

Not pictured:
Aaron Shay, performer, singer, banjo, "The Mongrel Jews".

Note: Kevin's suit was tailored. By a professional tailor. I am not kidding. (Marian's bro is a tailor, you see)

"It's Thanksgiving Versus Christmas, Hooray!"

Best part is that this is all getting made into an album, which you can pre-order right here! We even made the second show's audience sit through a few re-takes of some little bits just so we could get everything just right. They seemed to really enjoy it (I hope)!

That's our last gig for 2014, gang. See you on our next scheduled trip 'round the sun. Monkey out.
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  Awesome things! Saturday, November 8, 2014     6:21 pm
We are at Orycon at the moment, getting ready for a concert tonight. It's been a great con so far! We are being well taken care of and the Filking has been excellent! We (and Sunnie) fully intend to kick some serious ass at tonight's big-ballroom concert. Be there if you can!

I haven't posted since we went to Germany for FilkCONtinental, an awesome German Filk con. Well, that trip was amazing in so many ways...

First of all, we got to spend a day at my new favorite geek obsession, Miniatur Wunderland. I loved analyzing all of the intricate technology that makes the place so interesting. It's more than just a giant train set; they've also got ships navigating actual waterways, fire trucks that respond to emergencies, and a completely functional airport with airplanes that take off and land and taxi to and from the gates. Check out this video and this video and be amazed. We stayed there an entire day until we were dead of exhaustion, and still only saw a fraction of the things to see. If you have the means, I highly recommend making a visit. If you want to know how they did all of that incredible automation, have a look at the Gerrit's Diary videos which detail the construction of the mind-boggling airport section (the videos have English subtitles available).

FilkCONtinental itself was amazing and wonderful, too! Here's a video from it, which ended up being one of the most incredible things we've ever experienced (look toward the end of the song when Kirstin pans the camera around to the audience):

As if that weren't enough, now that we're back, we're getting geared up for something even more amazing, and it's happening in just over a week! Our friend Molly Lewis has teamed up with Josh A. Cagan and Joseph Scrimshaw, and written a brand new all-star musical with all new songs! We will be the "house band" for a significant part of the show, backing up many of the performers as they perform Molly's new songs as part of the show (and backing up ourselves as well). This is going to be an incredible night, the lineup of fantastic performers includes:

Molly Lewis
The Doubleclicks
Marian Call
Joseph Scrimshaw
Vixy & Tony
Betsy Tinney
Sunnie Larsen
Hello, The Future!
Kiri Callaghan
Seth Boyer
The Mongrel Jews
Josh A Cagan
and MST3K+Rifftrax's Kevin Murphy as Santa

The show is Wednesday night, November 19th at The Triple Door. Tickets on sale now, make sure you don't miss this one! It's going to be epic!
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  Thanksgiving Vs. Christmas! Tuesday, September 23, 2014    11:22 am
Thanks so much to everyone who came out to Wayward to celebrate Sereniversary! This week, we're heading out to Germany for FilkCONtinental and a little R&R. Exciting!

If you haven't heard already, the November 19th event that I was hinting at before has been publicly announced. It's an All-star Triple Door show with Molly! Think of it like one of those great old TV holiday variety specials, but with musicians that you like. ("Hey everybody, look who showed up, it's Marian Call!") And instead of being cooped up in your house staring at the TV, you're out on the town, seeing a show and having fantastic food at a swank dinner theater, the coolest venue around. And there are two shows, too, a 7pm all-ages show and a 10pm 21+ show, for maximum festive! I'm particularly excited to see Kevin Murphy up close, I hear he's got superpowers.

Though the Triple Door's web site seems to have and-the-rest'd us, be assured that Vixy and I and Betsy and Sunnie shall be part of the show, performing backup-band duties for some of the artists in the lineup, and we'll be backing ourselves up at some point, too. Molly and Josh Cagan are writing all the songs and text, and I'm excited to see what they've got in store for us.

See you all there!
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  Save the date for November 19th! Monday, September 15, 2014    11:58 am
I just looked at the calendar, and was amazed at how quickly time keeps on slippin' into the future. The Wayward Sereniversary celebration is this very weekend! So soon? YES, SO SOON! It's this Saturday September 20th! Our beloved Sunnie will be joining us on fiddle, and it's going to be a blast! Come join us!

Then the following weekend we jet off to FilkCONtinental with Betsy and Sunnie! What crazy person scheduled a Germany trip right after a Wayward gig? Oh right, it was me.

Then we get a brief rest before being GOHs at Orycon, in Portland, November 7-9, where Sunnie will join us and hopefully we'll catch a glimpse of this guy.

But wait! There's more! Before we stick a fork in 2014 and call it done, there's something special coming up after Orycon that we want you all to be a part of. We don't have all the i's crossed and the t's dotted yet, but you're going to want to save the evening of Wednesday, November 19th on your calendar for something we're cooking up with someone we know. Trust me on this one... you really want to save this date. More details to come!

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  Upcoming shows! Sunday, June 22, 2014     1:01 pm
We have some upcoming shows this summer and fall!

We're playing at the annual Can't Stop The Serenity screening, run by the Seattle Browncoats Charities, with proceeds to benefit Equality Now and MOHAI. This is coming up soon, on Saturday July 19th at 7pm. This will be awesome because it's dinner theater with a full menu, at Central Cinema! Doors open at 6:30 pm, Vixy & Tony (just the two of us) will play a short set, then the movie screening will happen at 8 pm. There will be a costume contest, too, so come as your favorite Firefly character!

Late addition! We're opening for Outdoor Trek on July 26th! Sunnie will be with us, and we're counting on her to bring her namesake along! We will play at 6pm and Trek happens at 7. The show is in a small amphitheater-like spot at the North end of Blanche Lavizzo Park, at 22nd and Yesler. The show is free, but bring some cash to stuff in their donation jars! If they do the same thing as they did last year, the jars are labeled with Trek episodes, and the jar with the most money is the episode they pick the following year.

If you haven't seen Outdoor Trek before, you really should! Whether you come to see us open for them on the 26th, or see them at one of the other times that they're playing during the surrounding weekends (Trek happens 7pm on the Saturdays, and at 2pm on the Sundays, between July 19th and August 3rd this year), you really should go, they're awesome! Each summer, they turn a Trek episode into a wonderfully low-tech stage play with a gender-bent cast. Their prop gags always slay me, like, using Silly String to represent the "love pollen" from This Side of Paradise. This summer the episode will be Mirror, Mirror, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it, considering it's the one I "voted" for last year. Come join us!

We'll be back at Wayward for their annual Sereniversary celebration Saturday September 20th at 7pm, with Sunnie!

Then we will be whisked off to Germany, where we will be the Guests of Honor at FilkCONtinental, the annual German filk convention! This will happen the weeked of October 3-5, in Wernigerode. We'll have both Betsy and Sunnie with us, so this is going to be an amazing trip!

Then finally, we will be the Musical Guests of Honor at Orycon in Portland! This will be the weekend of November 7-9, at the Portland Doubletree. We'll have Sunnie playing fiddle and generally being awesome! We don't know exactly what time/day we'll be playing yet, so if you're coming, remember that con schedules are tricky!

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  Wayward this weekend! Monday, May 12, 2014    10:20 pm

Reminder, we're back at Wayward this weekend! This Saturday at 8pm, with Betsy and Sunnie! Hope to see you all there!
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  Norwescon and Wayward! Friday, April 11, 2014    12:39 pm
Norwescon is less than a week away! How did that happen? We've been busy changing all our passwords thanks to the Heartbleed exploit, while I'm simultaneously trying to set up a new audio interface, and a new computer which I'll be using for audio recording and also to be used as our songbook tablet.

We have three, count 'em, three, shows to play at Norwescon, all of them with Betsy and Sunnie! First up will be the Vixy & Tony concert, on Friday April 18th at 8:30 in the Evergreen 1 & 2 rooms at Norwescon. We are hoping to debut a brand new song at this concert! That will be followed by our good friend Seanan McGuire's concert shortly thereafter, and we will be her backup band, natch. We're not sure exactly how we'll split the two sets yet, maybe there will be a break between the two sets, or maybe we'll just play straight through, and plug in a new lead singer when appropriate. Then, the following night, we will be doing backup band duties for Molly Lewis, on Saturday, April 19th at 10pm in the same place, Evergreen 1 & 2. See you there!

There will also be other fantastic musical acts to catch while at Norwescon, many of them are our friends and we want you to go see them too, because we think they're awesome! In particular, there will be Hello, the Future! on Friday at 7pm in Evergreen 1 & 2 (right before us), there will be The Doubleclicks on Saturday at 9pm in Evergreen 1 & 2 (right before Molly), and on Friday afternoon, there will be the amazing Heather Dale Band in Grand Ballroom 3 at 3pm, featuring our beloved Betsy Tinney on cello!

Here's the entire Norwescon schedule for all the details of all the great stuff to see at the con. And as always, remember that the schedules of cons can get a bit fibbly-wibbly timey-wimey, so some of the details I've listed above might change as the weekend plays out.

One of the best parts of all these Norwescon concerts is that there will be live streams for most of them! For those who can't make it to the con, you can watch them right here. And if you want to make a donation to help support these live streams, you can donate to the videographer right here. K is our friend and we love him, and needs the support!

Coming up in May, we'll be at Wayward, on the night of May 17th at 8pm, with Betsy and Sunnie. Can't stop the signal!
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  More fiddles than you can shake a stick at! Also: Dramamine. Wednesday, January 22, 2014    12:45 pm
Conflikt is coming up this weekend! It's going to be fiddle-tastic, with our favorite violinists (Amy and Sunnie) as the GOH and Toastmaster, respectively. Vixy and I will be in the backup band for concerts by Sunnie, Betsy, and Kaede during the weekend, and we'll be participating in circles and generally enjoying the con overall. And we're really excited to see Tim Griffin again, he's one of our faves.

We're still slowly recovering from that amazing concert we did with Betsy recently. Release The Cello, and its corresponding release-concert party, was successfully unleashed upon a ravenous audience, and the energy was just amazing. Ten performers mixed together in a three-set show, and we really pulled it off. Everyone involved in the show was absolutely at the top of their game, everyone was just flawless and amazing. We had such a fantastic time!

Evidence of the fantastic time is hereby presented in the form of a special video from my POV. Fishy, for a long time, has been wanting to use his Google Glass device to record what it's like to be a hyperactive bouncy part-squirrel guitarist on stage. Well, we picked a good night on which to perform that particular experiment: we were really on fire, and there were at least ten people on stage. Warning: you might want to take your Dramamine or Bonine before pressing Play on this video:

Coming up, we're trying to settle on another date at Wayward, and we're going have a concert at Norwescon! The Norwescon show will probably on the Friday afternoon or evening, and also we'll be playing backup band for Seanan and Molly there, but I'm not putting it on our official calendar yet, until we get a solid schedule in our hands. It'll pop up on our calendar shortly once we get solid confirmations. See you there!
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  Release The Cello! Sunday, January 5, 2014     1:00 pm
Betsy's release concert is coming up this Saturday!

This is going to be an amazing show to celebrate the release of our favorite cellist's first solo album, Release The Cello! And while a concert of just Betsy would be awesome, we couldn't just leave her all alone up there, could we? This concert is going to be massive! Sure you'll get plenty of Betsy's solo music, but you're also going to get so much more: Sooj and Alec will be there, so you'll get the Full Pixie, as it were. Throw in some Jeff and Maya (they're flying up here special for this event), some Sunnie fiddling, and of course, a bit of Vixy & Tony, and that makes a pretty full house!

And yes, for certain parts of the show, we're going to try to get everyone on stage at once. Does anyone know what the weight rating is for the stage there at Kenmore? Should we ask for a bowl of M&M's?

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