I suspect Thirteen is going to be one of those albums that gets into my brain and makes me deconstruct it until I think there are grand designs and concepts underlying the whole thing until it becomes a sort of epic that is intertwined in my imagination. One of those albums that comes out every now and then. You know the kind, probably.
- Adam Selzer

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Butterfly Soul
by Janet Allyn

      Vocal: Michelle Dockrey
      Guitar: Tony Fabris

Butterfly soul
Find yourself a place in this world
Butterfly soul
Find yourself a face in this world

Hangin' on the wind
Never was something sure
Hang on to yourself
It's a chance to endure
Don't you see
Won't you listen to me

Butterfly heart
Your life has been a whisper 'til now
You've gotta start
Believing you're a person somehow

You are now complete
As you are, all alone
Life could not repeat
What you are, what I've known
What I see

Won't you let yourself be what you can
You are whole
Take your stand
My little butterfly soul
My little butterfly soul