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I Hope You Don't Mind
by Michelle Dockrey & Tony Fabris

      Vocal: Michelle Dockrey
      Guitar: Tony Fabris
      Cellos: Betsy Tinney
      Violas: Sunnie Larsen
      Bass: Chris Clark
      Piano: Blake Hodgetts

It's quiet in the sea, always flotsam drifting down
But I'm not looking
Let it fall past me, bits of words and strains of music
I can't listen

Chart your course and plot your days, and I can hide beneath the waves
Find a message in a bottle, wonder if it's meant for me
And I hope you don't mind
No, I hope you don't mind

It's quiet in the sky, always movement far below
but I'm not looking
Let it pass me by, lines on maps and traffic patterns
I can't follow

Sirens don't go chasing prey, they just hope that you'll sail in one day
I'll show you round my little kingdom, offer you a cup of tea
And I hope you don't mind
No, I hope you don't mind
I could trace your pathway in the tides, I could read your story in the stars
I could catch your singing on the winds, all they ever tell me
Is that you're not here

And when I fall to land there are gifts and souvenirs
but I'm not buying
They don't understand how the sea and sky can hurt you
without trying

Someone has to keep the lighthouse, and someone has to be the stone
I don't need to keep you here, but I don't want to know you're gone
So I hope you don't mind
I hope you don't mind